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Shawn Pena, or better known as Platinum DJ, started working at a bar in college, and ended up becoming friends with a local musician. They started a business together to make extra money as a broke college student (we all remember those days). After finding his passion in DJing, this temporary ‘pick-me-up’ gig turned into a full time career.

Shawn DJ’s all types of events ranging from corporate parties to karaoke, but weddings are his favorite. “I get to be a part of the beginning of their union that they will never forget, that they share with their family, friends and God. It is an honor and a privilege.”

After 16 years of experience, Shawn has collected many stories to tell. His favorite wedding story is when he played “The Wobble” and the bride and groom’s grandparents joined in and started a dance off. Although... if your grandparents are the ones starting the dance off, you may be doing it wrong; but in this case, everyone flooded the dance floor and had a rhythmic time.

Shawn said he doesn’t avoid any particular songs, but slower songs tend to bring the crowd down. “I always try to play a mixture of genres that is upbeat and fun because everybody likes a variety.” We thought that there would have been be a list of songs that would make him throw his turntables at the wall every time someone requested them, but turns out, there’s only one, “if I never played or heard Mambo No 5 by Lou Bega I would be fine with that.” So when you book Platinum DJ, try to steer clear from Mambo No 5.

On top of being a phenomenal DJ and an overall entertaining dude, we love that Shawn loves Bella Vie...

“Bella Vie is an absolutely beautiful space.  I really love the natural light that comes in.  The showing of steel, wood floors, and brick is a mixture of design that come together perfectly.  The space of BellaVie makes any event intimate.  Working with owners Cyndi and Bob and their staff is a blessing.  They always make you feel welcome and appreciated.”

We loved interviewing Shawn and would recommend him for any event you may be hosting!

You can contact Shawn at 806.241.6941 and check out his website!